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The Toltec shamans discovered the presence of dark beings placed directly on the background of the human energy field and therefore difficult to detect. The sorcerers saw that these dark ones were feeding the luster of the consciousness of every individual, reducing more and more the glowing patina. The dark entities are special inorganic beings, conscious and highly evolved and since moving hopping or flying frightening shadows as a vampire were called los Voladores, or those that fly.

Don Juan: "You have arrived, and with your own strength, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico was the supreme issue. All this time I did not do that beat around the bush, insinuating yourself into the idea of ​​something that holds us captive. And it is really so! "

Carlos: "Why this predator would have subdued the way you're describing, don Juan? There must be a logical explanation. "

Don Juan: "One explanation is there and it is easier than you might imagine. Raiders have taken over because we are their food, their source of livelihood. That's why we squeeze mercilessly. Just as we rear chickens in cages ... "

UniversoI Voladores eat only a certain kind of energy and, as we shall see, we produce a lot of that energy.

This makes us the ideal prey to be milked daily.

The damage energy that this action causes predator there is immense.

We are magical beings with infinite possibilities sentenced to shreds of awareness: the Voladores regularly consume the glowing patina - which to grow back to its nature - and as gardeners keep the grass clean shaven always the same (poor) level.

Shamans see the patina of brightness rimastaci is a small puddle of light under the feet, which does not even reach the toes.

This awareness rimastaci is really just a small thing and allows us to interact in the everyday world set by socialization, but it certainly does not give us a way to understand our real situation, or to recognize that we share the same fate of the animals we raise.

As unwitting slaves we identify in our predators and pose their nefarious behavior with nature in general polluting, deforesting, destroying and "shamelessly exploit ourselves our animals: we milk them, tosiamo them, take their eggs and then they macelliamo or we make them in different ways submissive and meek.

Tie them, put them in a cage, cut their wings, horns, claws and beaks, making them ammaestriamo employees and take away little by little aggression and the natural instinct for freedom. "

We lack energy, we can not help but mirror ourselves in the puddle of awareness, in a limited and illusory reflection of self, a false personality. "Consciousness of the soles reflects our image, our pride and our ego, which in the end are nothing more than our real cage."

The small puddle of awareness is the epicenter of egocentrism in which man is trapped b2ap3_thumbnail_580551_388698071221721_48641091_n.jpginconsapevolmente.

We have taken all the energy, but they left the one that revolves around the Ego! And just relying on our self-centeredness the Voladores create bursts of consciousness that then voraciously consume.

The predators feed the greed, craving, cowardice, aggression, self-importance, violence, excitement, all the excess, complacency, but also self-pity.

The flames of energy generated by these qualities "disharmonious" are their favorite food.

I do not like instead Voladores the vibrational quality of consciousness, of pure love, harmony, balance, peace, sobriety ... in a word abhor the energetic quality of the evolutionary growth, and they have every advantage in the boycott any increase our of consciousness.

"Our slave mentality, which in the Judeo-Christian culture promises consolation in the afterlife, does not bring any advantage to ourselves, but to an outside force, which in turn gives us energy of our beliefs, faiths and ways of seeing that limit our ability and make us fall into addiction. "

According to Don Juan were just the Voladores to instill stupid belief systems, habits, social customs, and it is they who define our fears, our hopes, they are fed continuously and without restraint our Ego.

The installation is extraneous of Voladores

It was precisely the Voladores to instill stupid belief systems, habits, social customs, and it is they who define our fears, our hopes, they are fed continuously and without restraint our Ego.

Carlos: "But as they do, don Juan? They whisper these things in your ear while we sleep? "

Don Juan: "Certainly not. It would be idiotic! They are infinitely more efficient and organized. In order to keep us obedient, meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in an amazing, of course from the point of view of the strategist. Horrible view of the sufferer. They gave us their mind!


Are you listening? The predators have given us their mind, which is our. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, sombre, haunted by the fear of being exposed.

Even though you have never suffered hunger, you are also a victim of anxiety from your food and is none other than the anxiety of the predator, always fearful that his ruse is discovered and the nourishment is denied.

PortaleTramite mind that, after all, is their, predators instill in people's lives what suits them best ...

Our pettiness and our contradictions are the result of a transcendental conflict that plagues us all, but of which only the shamans are painfully and hopelessly aware: it is the conflict of our two minds.

One is our true mind, the product of our life experiences, one that is seldom spoken of because it has been defeated and relegated to obscurity.

The other, the one that we use every day for any daily activity, it is a foreign installation. "

Carlos: "But if the shamans of ancient Mexico and the current ones they see the predators, because they do nothing?"

Don Juan: "There is nothing that you and I can do if I do not exercise self-discipline to make inaccessible. But do you think maybe you can convince your peers to address these penalties? They would put out laughing and they would mock you, and the more aggressive you picchierebbero to death. Not because I do not believe you.

In the depths of every human being there is an awareness ancestral, visceral, the existence of predators. "

It is no wonder, therefore, that children are often afraid of demons, monsters, ghosts or strange shadows (the Black Man) that according to them there are hidden under the bed, behind the doors, in closets, etc..

Young children see and only when they have reached a certain level of socialization stop seeing, and what was once seen as the unconscious presence is manifested as anxiety, fear, despair, depression ...

Don Juan Matus "The mind of one who flies is unrivaled. When you propose something that can not agree with itself and trick you into believing that you have done something worthwhile.

The mind of one who flies will tell you that whatever Juan Matus says it's just a bunch of nonsense and then she herself will agree with his statement, "but of course, is nonsense," you will say. This is how we defeated. "

The recent movie The Matrix shapes effectively to these issues castanediane: Tonal of the Toltecs - or the everyday world the result of socialization and maintained by the activity of the mind - is the Matrix, a terrifying trap that allows entities (in this case machines) to plunder the energy of human beings.

The thoughts that cross our minds are certainly not "ours", but the mind, through socialization, directs the path in such a way that they are "free" any more than it is a train on the rails. The sensory data are ours, but the software that drives the thinking is foreign.

The thought constantly recreates the world as we see it (or rather, as we have been taught to see it. Stopping the thinking for the Toltec shamans means "stop the world" and see things as they really are: pure energy.

Don Juan explains that shamans can defeat the alien installation through a life of impeccability (strategic use of energy) because the discipline stroma immeasurably the alien mind.

The discipline and sobriety are quality of awareness that make the veneer of splendor bright egg unpleasant to the taste of Voladores.

Each time you stop the internal dialogue, and you enter the inner silence menteMandala the labors of the predator so unbearable that the installation is extraneous escapes. Then it comes back, but weakened. By repeated states of inner silence Installation is extraneous sooner or later is defeated and never comes back.

Each time you stop the internal dialogue, the world as we know it collapses and crop aspects of us altogether extraordinary, as if until that moment had been closely guarded by our words.

Don Juan says that on the day when the mind is extraneous leaves us is the most sad and difficult, because we are forced to rely on our own strength, and there is no one to tell us what to do.

After a life of slavery, our true mind is very weak and insecure and needs to rediscover his true identity.

The Freedom and Living consciously in the Present Moment

The way Toltec provides freedom-loving lots of practical techniques to get out of the prison of everyday life, from the bondage of socialization.

In addition to what has already been considered by the arts of Intent, and the Dreaming of the attack, the shamans practice Recap and Magical Passes (Tensegrity).

THE RECAP is the breathing technique and reenactment to recover all the lost energy in countless situations and in countless meetings of our lives and to leave the toxic energies that such situations or people left in us.

THE tensegrity 'is the heritage of the ancient sorcerers Magical Passes that have left us. Through many sequences of movements we can tap into the energies of the universe and the power of Intent to invoke in us.

This restores us strength, sobriety, health and determination. And all this we have a great need, because there is more than ever to fight with their own resources and through an attitude of presence in a very delicate moment in history that looks like a turning point.

Carlos says: "The predator don Juan had described to me and that I had not seen anything benevolent. It was immensely great, obscene, indifferent. I perceived clearly the contempt he felt towards us.

There was no doubt that a long time ago his ilk had crushed us, making us weak, vulnerable and docile ... I sat down and wept until they can stand no more. But it was not for myself that I was crying. To defend themselves from predators had my anger, my unbending intent. I cried for my fellow ... "

The scholar Toltec Norbert Classen reminds us that if "we want to actually free from voladores and from that part of the intellect that is not ours, we have to start from the false dualism of our Ego, from mirror ourselves in the puddle of consciousness and return to observing the world for what it is, that is pure energy, which is neither good nor bad.

If we succeed in this, we recognize that beyond the veil of the known and the strict confines of everyday life awaits an immense and wonderful universe. Certainly it is a predatory universe with voladores and men as prey, but this finding does not mean having to judge; puts us in fact, the Voladores and everything that exists on the same plane.

Only if we get rid of the spirit of slavery and the fixed pattern "perpetrator-victim" we really have a chance to regain our freedom - a chance for freedom from the dictates imposed on us by Voladores, the mirror of narcissism, from the obligations of daily life and the setting Point of assembly.

If there undoing the dualistic judgment and consider the events that happen to us, not as curses and rewards, but as promising challenges, we have taken the first step on the path that can lead us out of the prison of our ego usual: the Way of the Warrior. "

The Toltec vision of the world appears therefore as a vast interesting alternative paradigm is the vision of the Western world to Eastern Europe.

A wise shaman embodies the qualities of pragmatism and of the fluidity and knowing that no paradigm is the absolute truth is free to change the system at will, depending on what each situation requires.

Different paradigms are not designed for him as antagonists, threatening or wrong, but simply as different points of view.


This brief introduction to the magical world of the Shamans Toltec is an invitation to freedom and can only end with the words of Don Juan, a man of knowledge evolved and extremely free, true, flawless master:

"In order for the magic to have a hold on us, we must not do is to banish all doubt from our minds. Once you eliminate the doubts, everything becomes possible. "

"Once you reach the inner silence, everything becomes possible."

(Final Thoughts on the Way of the Warrior by Carlos Castaneda)

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